A small IT business that cares about how you function. Considering our size we know the importance and value of uptime along with streamlined operations. We truly believe in solutions that provide the most efficiency to your business over the most profit for us.


Tony Verga believed in the Apple computer from it’s initial release which sparked him to start his own company in 1991 catering to Arizona’s design community. As Apple’s popularity continues to rise we support businesses of all types helping our customers protect and manage every portion of their technology workflow.


CDS Group continues to create solutions for the changing IT landscape. As the remote workforce grows and takes employees away from secure corporate networks it’s imperative to use new technologies to protect and manage those devices. We work with the top vendors in the industry to ensure we're giving our clients the most complete packaged solutions to cover their fleet of Apple devices.

Who we are

Anthony Verga

Vice President

Favorite Mac: MacBook Air M1

Early Adopter

Tony Verga


Favorite Mac: Mac Pro

Stick with what works


CDS Group is continually evolving the solutions we provide to meet needs of our clients.

Case Studies

Full Service Design Agency

For the past 30 years we've managed every portion of technology for ps:studios. From their studio's network security, printing, mac deployment and management we've taken technology out of their way so they can do what they're best at, design.

services used

CDS Scout Business
Remotely manage and support entire team
CDS Share
Private cloud hosted server with over 20TB of data and growing
CDS Off-Site Backup
End users and server are backed up to our cloud server
CDS Protect
Devices are protected with malware prevention and a VPN tunnel to CDS Share server keeps data safe
ps:studios 30 years
ps:studios new home office

Insurance Agency

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona serves their community to make healthcare accessible promising to make Arizonans get healthy faster and stay healthy. We've standardized and automated the onboarding process, security, and MDM profiles to match Windows environment for BCBSAZ allowing them to scale from 5 macs to over 60.

services used

CDS Scout Business
We created a zero touch onboarding solution so devices can be standardized and deployed quickly without extra IT resources.
CDS Protect
Endpoint security is of top priority for a HIPAA organization and our proctect solution adds an extra layer of defense to their mac environment
bcbsaz ready bcbsaz impact award