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A small IT business that cares about how you function. Considering our size we know the importance and value of uptime along with streamlined operations. Established in 1992, we have the experience to ensure a successful partnership.


As a member of the Apple Consultants Network we can now offer the full line of Apple products for direct purchase through a custom store created just for your organization. Contact us for more information!


Keep your data safe by adding an extra level of redundancy to your backup plan. Moving crucial backups to the cloud creates a safety net in the event of hard drive failures, theft, and equipment damaged from natural disasters. It is the always on backup solution that we monitor so you don't have to.

cloud plus harddrivecomplete

Continuous on-site backup with CDS managed hardware and software. Complete eliminates the high upfront cost and eventual repairs associated with traditional on-site based backup systems.


Prevent problems before they start, have peace of mind knowing you’ll get lightning fast response time, and enjoy the lowest possible rate.


Maximize the potential out of your current computer before making the jump to something new. Increasing the RAM and going from a standard hard drive to a solid state drive can make an old computer new again.


If things are running slowly or certain applications causing crashing we can clear things up in a hurry. Call or email to schedule a visit.


Cisco makes the finest networking equipment and when the security of important data is on the line we feel it’s crucial to invest accordingly.
The two most common solutions we install are:
1. Setup a secure VPN connection for remote users with a Cisco Meraki firewall.
2. Improving local network speed for users that are connecting to a server with a Cisco Meraki gigabit switch.


With our clients spanning across the valley some instances call for using remote support to fix an urgent repair. Maintenance clients get the luxury of this service, which often leads to even faster support, included in their support contract. Let us fix the problem remotely while you're in a meeting or at lunch.